execAndWait doesn't detect end of browser activity in IE11

Hi there,

I’m trying to test an application with a bunch of nested iFrames (old gui, build on the yui library). It seems that when IE11 is used AND a click on an element in one frame triggers change in another frame, WebPageTest does not detect it. Chrome and FF are fine with the exact same script, unfortunately we are specifically interested in IE11.

Script looks like this (there’s more, but problem shows here):

navigate setValue id=UserId username setValue id=Password password clickAndWait id=Submit-button execAndWait document.querySelector("iframe[id=ConcertoMenuBar]").contentWindow.document.querySelector("#entry-0-1").click() setEventName SearchPatientByID exec document.getElementById('ConcertoContext').contentWindow.document.getElementsByTagName('iframe')[1].contentDocument.getElementsByTagName('frame')[0].contentDocument.getElementById('Identifier').value='211821181' exec document.getElementById("ConcertoContext").contentWindow.document.getElementsByTagName("iframe")[1].contentDocument.getElementsByTagName("frame")[0].contentDocument.getElementById("Organization").value="SYS_A" exec document.getElementById("ConcertoContext").contentWindow.document.getElementsByTagName("iframe")[1].contentDocument.getElementsByTagName("frame")[0].contentDocument.getElementById("default-button-button").click()

Nothing happens after the execAndWait, wptdriver ends up waiting for “up to 420 seconds” before finishing the test.

If I replace execAndWait by exec and add “sleep 5” to give the page time to load, further steps work (until after the next execAndWait) - but this way I cannot measure page load times for any further pages, they just don’t show up in the report. It seems a new measurement for the report is only triggered by the “…Wait” or “navigate” commands. In the app all actions are triggered by clicking elements here and there, so I can’t use navigate, and they are all in iframes, so clickAndWait doesn’t work after the login page, which only leaves exec/execAndWait. I’ve tried everything I could think of, but since there isn’t a bug report about such problem, I suspect, I am missing something obvious…

Does anyone know a workaround or a cause of the problem? Thank you in advance!

P.S.: This is in private WebPageTest server + agent, and testing a private web application which is not exposed to public internet.