Extract/rip audio from a DVD

So i bought the new Godsmack DISC. The special edition features a bonus DVD that features a making of video along with a couple bonus tracks. I was hoping I can just copy the bonus tracks off and so i can listen to them minus the disc in or put them on my iPod or whichever. Anyway, as far as I can tell sizzling hot I see to tune in to the bonus tracks should be to play the DVD and play them from your menu options there.
So, question: is there any software I will use to get those sound files off the DVD and save as an mp3 or some some other audio format?
If it helps, when I look in the files/directory structure of this disc, there’s 2 folders: “AUDIO_TS” which doesn’t even have anything in it, then “VIDEO_TS” which includes a few files in this. With extensions like. bup,. ifo, and. vob. Googled and I got dvd audio extractor,and I want to know if there is some freeware could do that.
Maybe a couple of the people are the audio monitors the DVD plays and there’s something available that’ll convert them?