Find out what loaded that object


I am sorry for the really simple question, but I would like to know what in my page loaded a certain object. This is due the fact that I have several ad systems running on my Wordpress blog, and their banners sometimes open several scripts, tracking stuff, etc.

Testing several times the same page, sometimes there are 120 objects, sometimes there are 170. I wanted to find out what ad systems are loading the most stuff, both in terms of number of objects and amount of KB.


Your best bet is to use the content blocking capability to block the js that loads each of the different ad systems and compare the results.

If you tes twith Chrome you can track what caused individual requests to load but tracking down 50 different requests back to their originating js will be very time consuming.

I see. Would be nice to see some info on what loaded objects on WebPageTest in the future. Thanks.