Firefox agent not taking any "setheader" value

Hi… I was running a couple of tests last evening and I noticed that the FF agents weren’t taking the explicit headers i was trying to send using the “setHeader” command for H2 enabled sites.

The script I used for both tests:
setHeader test:test

FF WPT result:

Chrome WPT result:

Would you let me know what could be going on here?

Can you try addHeader instead? Whenever one header manipulation works, I try the other and it generally works.

Another thing you can check is to add a space between the “:” in the header. It should be “test: test”. This may be worth a try as well.

Thanks Akshay. I tried the addHeader, adding space and I tried lowercase too… the script works on the other browser agents like IE and Chrome without any issues. It works on http URLs on FF agents but adding header function doesnt work on H2 enabled https URLs.

This is interesting. I am seeing the issue with both setHeader and addHeader. I checked on the agents in Dulles, Dulles:Thinkpad and Lincoln:Nebraska. In each case, Firefox failed to take the custom header being added via script for a H2 enabled site.

I guess this is probably a bug.

I believe so. Thanks for confirming Akshay :slight_smile: