First Byte DNS response

I am taking it one step at a time. I am focused on speeding up my first byte by troubleshooting DNS first for

DNS response is varying between 200ms and 314ms for the tests I run here using Dulles VA and chrome.

I have tested at for both godaady DNS servers, NS05.DOMAINCONTROL.COM, NS06.DOMAINCONTROL.COM and their results show between 41 and 51 ms.

I am considering using dyndns dns hosting, which tells me they can get dns response down to 3ms, but their tests show my dns response from Austin for an uncached query to an authoritative server at 23ms.

Are all these tests testing apple to apple? The variances seem significant.

thank you

Please link to some of the WPT tests you’ve run, or provide link to the site in question.

Time to first byte is a huge variable, and there are many factors which affect it.

The site is, hosted on WPEngine with CDN

I was trying to take this step by step.
Step 1 being DNS.

Will improving DNS response time be worthwhile? (Meaning switching to dyndns dns hosting)

I noticed on the tests I ran DNS was taking between 70ms and 300ms

DYNDNS stated they could improve my DNS response from what they tested at 24ms for USA to around 3ms, surprisingly to me they see UK DNS at 7ms. (I do not understand why their test DNS for USA is 24ms and the ones on this site are higher 73ms-324ms)

I tried responding last night but kept getting 502 bad gateway errors (NGIX)

Nice tool,
I just tested your site and I get this from my DNS

Sending queries to DNS Server (

Query no : 1 - DNS response time : 0.2891 seconds
Query no : 2 - DNS response time : 0.2852 seconds
Query no : 3 - DNS response time : 0.2872 seconds
Query no : 4 - DNS response time : 0.2881 seconds
Query no : 5 - DNS response time : 0.285 seconds
Query no : 6 - DNS response time : 0.2859 seconds
Query no : 7 - DNS response time : 0.2853 seconds
Query no : 8 - DNS response time : 0.285 seconds
Query no : 9 - DNS response time : 0.2868 seconds
Query no : 10 - DNS response time : 0.2871 seconds

Average response time of DNS Server is: 0.2865
I would expect you should get figures in line with this