Flash is missing on Dulles, VA IE9 site

Looks like Flash is missing on “Dulles,VA IE9 Preview 7” instance.

Here’s the comparison in 3 browsers and bottom one (IE9) is not showing Flash modules and ads:


I checked both IE9 machines and they both have the 10.2 beta flash player installed (only version that works with IE9). I went to a test site to be sure the flash player is working too.

Any chance you’re doing some form of version detection for flash and not recognizing the beta?



It is very unlikely - here’s our code:
var blahSWF = new SWFObject(“blah.swf”, “blah”, “705”, “408”, “7”, “#000000”);
blahSWF.addParam(“wmode”, “transparent”);
blahSWF.addParam(“allowscriptaccess”, “always”);
blahSWF.addVariable(“videoXMLPath”, “/includes/homepage/mediaviewer.xml”);