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Another Break Out Service
Twitter is 4 years old at this stage and Facebook is coming up on 7 years since launch. Foursquare was one service that many were trumpeting as the next big service and other like Linkedin and Youtube have been around for the same sort of time spam as Facebook. 2011 will be the break out year for the next big service and the chances are that it could be something that has been launched already and that the early adopters are all using already. There are any amount of services out there but one I am most excited about is Instagram the photo sharing site. It essentially only lets you share fancy photos with your friends but it has already amassed 1 million followers and has some basic social features built in that could easily be expanded upon. 2011 will see massive growth for them and they’ll either become massively mainstream or get bought out by a much bigger rival. That is of course only one small start up to watch and the entire social media space should have lots of traction for start ups and hopefully provide another huge success story.jocuri cu motociclete