Google Analytics Tracking Exclusion (2016 version)

Hi - Boy, when I run lots of WebPageTest runs on my sites, they balloon up the visitor counts. Is there some efficient way to filter out the hits from WebPageTest?


You can block scripts in the block tab under advanced settings. Just add “” and it should work.

Thank you for the suggestion. If I do that, though, won’t it cause the result to be inaccurate?


You could block the IP of the WPT location you are testing from by adding an exclude filter in Google Analytics. It’s much easier just to block GA in WPT as it would have minimal effect on the load time and would be very hard to notice a difference in tests with it blocked or not.

The analytics script would likely be cached in the users browser anyway as it’s on nearly every site.

Ok, you’ve convinced me. Is there a way to set that to be a default for my account, the way that webpagetest remembers my choice for number of tests to run?