.har - json issuette with unescaped quotes

Hi Pat

getting some bad json back from the lovely new .har feature:

“response”: {
“name”: “ETag”,
“value”: “”
20f68 - e4bc - 47fb9479d2180 “”

Our Etag header comes back in it’s own double quotes.

ETag: “20f68-e4bc-47fb9479d2180”

(don’t ask.)

Cheers and BR as always


Can you give me a link to the test results (PM me if you don’t want it public). I had to hack the JSON library to get it to output UTF8 and in the process apparently missed some escaping :slight_smile: I’ll get it fixed pronto.

better yet, just try again and see if it is fixed - added the proper escaping for strings and found one other bug as well.



Works like a charm!

Thanks Pat