Heating systems for liquid fuel THERMOBILE and other engineering systems company Pallas

The company " Pallas" specializes in the installation of engineering systems of any complexity. You can order the installation of all engineering systems for the private home or manufacture of : heating, water supply, sewerage and electricity . One of the main activities of our company - heating systems for used oils .
And also the exclusive representative Компании “Thermobil” Specializing in the production of unique oven heating of waste oils to any area of ​​the room from the rooms , to the hangars. boilers universal waste oil burner furnace waste oil Boilers used oils heat generators for used oils - All equipment at prices the world’s leading manufacturers without overpayment.

Working with us , you save time and money.
For example, just before the end of March 2012. , making an order for heating equipment You get 10% discount!

A unique offer ! Modular boiler . Modular boiler - a self-contained transportable boiler room , fully equipped with everything you need for your company’s heating equipment , equipped with one or two standard module.
Block - modular boiler can replace stationary boiler , it takes up little space and is easy to use .Modular boiler installation is designed in such a way that does not require constant intervention of the staff during the operation. The duties of the staff block - modular boiler is only periodic replacement of the fuel filter , the frequency of replacement depends on the quality and type of fuel used in the installation.
We manufacture and installation of “turnkey” small block - the modular boiler installations in any type of fuel

We also invite our sale Associated with the beginning of the heating season! Discounts up to 30 % on all furnaces , a series of AT!

Another focus of the Company is manufacture and installation of sewerage equipment and selection of septic tanks for him, as well as production and installation of wells , pumps, grease traps, septic tanks and sewage treatment plants.

We work with clients around the world. Contact and will be pleasantly surprised at the prices of engineering systems and our service!