Home page loading three times !

My loading times are currently incredibly long and after analysing what was happening with the waterfall view I have noticed the following :
My homepage happens to load three times

  1. without the www. (2803 ms)
  2. with the www. (10340 ms)
  3. with the www. (1190 ms)

Would somebody see any reason why this is occurring ?

In the end, it takes me more than 14 seconds to start loading the content of my webpage.
This is bugging me so much as my website is now so slow to load, whereas it previously used to load in just a few seconds…

Thank you very much for your help :slight_smile:

Ahh, a Word Press site. You should investigate the W3 Total Cache plugin and turn on page caching at a minimum (the base page times are killing you). It will also help you combine your CSS and Javascript but look into that after you have solved the base page performance.

I’m a little concerned about the amount of time it takes for the redirect to be served for non-www visits. The redirect should be served as fast as the socket connect. If it isn’t already handled in the .htaccess then it should be. It looks like the images are being served really quickly so it must be hitting the database for the redirect.

On the double-load of the base page, do you have a plugin that is creating a user session of some kind? That’s usually why you see the base page load multiple times - the code is lazy and just sets a cookie and forces the page to reload if the cookie isn’t already set.