How can LoadEvent fire before Start Render and far before DocumentComplete?


I have some strange (at least for me!) results.
I would need some help to understand please.

On “repeated view” I am getting:
loadEvent: 0.888s - 0.889s (0.001s)
Start Render: 1.000s
Document Complete is: 3.272s

How is it possible to have loadEvent so early, even before start rendering? And so long apart from Document Complete?

Results are from Frankfurt, Germany - EC2 - Chrome - Cable, did the test many times (similar behavior on Dulles too).

On “first view” again the loadEvent: 3.811s - 3.812s (0.001s) and Document Complete is: 6.346s.

Some extra info in case it is relevant: Page is defering javascript using Cloudflare’s Rocket Loader. When using modpagespeed’s js defering instead, I don’t get this strange numbers and behavor with LoadEvent (with pagespeed it is firing together with Document Complete, as expected).
I have checked all deferred scripts one by one on both deferring methods and the same scripts exactly are deferred on both scenarios. But I don’t see how can this be related.

Thank you so much.