How does Custom Rules work?

Hi. I’ve tried to figure out how the “Custom Rule” works, but so far I’m not getting far

What I’m trying to do is to detect varnish hits from custom http-headers

Just to see if it works i added the following file

[ay@wpt:/var/www/webpagetest] production+* ± cat www/settings/customrules.txt

Where klemz is the name of the rule and “static” is a regexp i know exists within the value of some of the headers…

But It does not seem to work…

Anyone know how this works?

Bump. Anyone know how this functionality work, or if it’s really implemented?

Currently the custom rules only work by scanning the requests for a matching mime type and then matching the custom rul against the body of the response (headers are excluded):

Shouldn’t be all that hard to change it to also match against headers.