How to conclude the test result run on

I have tested my site on and got following result.
Firstbyte time : 7.245 sec
Fully Load time: 8.622 sec
HOwever when I check Filmstrip view then it shows that few of the elements appear at 3 secs. So I am bit confused that wether I sould consider 3 sec as a performance time or 7.245 sec as Performance time?

Please suggest.

Do you have a link to the test? It shouldn’t be possible to have a first byte time longer than the render metrics and if it happens it is a bug in measurement.

Following is the link of the test.

That shows a first byte of 2.2s and start render of 4.7 seconds. The repeat view has a faster start render than first byte but that’s because the HTML is cached.

That’s right but then what does Filmstrip view displays?

Filmstrip shows the same for the median run (run #3):

I didn’t see any first view filmstrips where anything was visible at 3 seconds.