How to configure location.ini

I’d like to configure the agents similar with the location “Dulles, VA USA (Desktop,Android,iOS 9)” as below. Under this location, there will be 9 desktop agents. Among them, 3 agents are with IE9, 3 are with IE10 and 3 are with IE11. But all are with other browsers, e.g. Chrome, Firefox. E.g. when user selects Chrome, it should pick up a free agent from 9 agents. When user select IE9, it should pick up a free agent from 3 agents with IE9. And also, there will some mobile devices which need to be able to selected in the browser list as well.

Would you please provide a sample location.ini for this case? Thanks a lot!


wptdriver.ini can use a comma-separated list of locations that the agent can pull tests from so the IE 9 agents would be configured like:


and the IE 10 locations would be configured like:


Then on the server the “Dulles” location would have only the shared browsers (Chrome and Firefox) and the IE release-specific versions would go into the separate locations. Roughly:



browser=IE 9

browser=IE 10

It works well. Thank you so much for your help!