How to publish results to showslow?

I have set up private instances of webpagetest (version 2.3), showslow (version 1.0) and WPT Monitor.
I want to submit the results of my tests triggered through WPT Monitor-jobs additionally to the showslow-instance. Which conf-entries are required in configuration-file(s)?
I have the following in my wpt-settings.ini:


That doesn’t work.
Thanks for sharing these great tools and for any help in advance!

You need a show slow release in the 1.1 range I believe (you have the correct version of WPT). Try pinging the show slow list and see if Sergey can provide the exact version. We implemented it together during Velocity in mid-June (after show slow 1.0 was released).



I upgraded showslow to the latest release (version 1.1.3) and now all tests (scripted or single urls) running manually with my wpt-instance are published to my showslow-instance automatically, that’s great!

Unfortunately the same tests pushed through WPT Monitor-Jobs aren’t published to showslow. Is that possible out of the box?
If not: Could you point me to an entrypoint where the publishing process is triggered through wpt?

In work/ it does a check to see if the test is a private test and if so it doesn’t send the beacon. You can either comment-out that check or see if there is a way to get WPT Monitor to make the tests public.

That’s my guess anyway.

Thanks for the hint, but the privacy of the tests triggered through WPT Monitor-jobs seems not to be the problem. I commented out the privacy-condition in work/, but unfortunately nothing changes.
So far I am fine working just with WPT Monitor.
Maybe I’ll get back to that showslow-topic later and I would post my solution if i solve it…

hi nilskuhn,

I need your help for the same.
I have running private instances of webpagetest and show slow but dont know how i show the webpagetest results on show slow.