How to reduce first time byte


I know this question has been asked before , but I thought there might be something with my server so I asked it again. (sorry about that)

I run the test so many times , and here is the average result :

Do you have any idea for reducing the FirtTime byte ?

My website is hosted on my Dedicated server (apache server)
and my database is hosted on the same HDD.

Any Help is appreciated.

I don’t have experience tuning a vbulletin back-end but some generic things to look at:

  • Do you have APC installed and enabled? If not, you should, it will speed up the PHP performance.
  • How is PHP integrated into your apache (mod_php, cgi, fastcgi)?
  • Have you enabled the query cache on your mysql? If not, it’s worth looking into.

Basically Google for “vbulletin performance tuning” and you should get a lot of useful information.



  1. Consider installing LiteSpeed, it has made a noticeable improvement in my TTFB. See these Before & After test results (~20% improvement in TTFB):

  2. Also, you could consider installing “VB Optimize” plug in. Not the free one, but the paid one. It will allow you to serve your forum pages cached to guests. That helps TTFB, too. (This lowered my TTFB by about 10%.)