How to run scripted tests in bulk?

Is there a way to run the scripted tests in bulk just like for url bulk testing?

You can use a %URL% as a placeholder in the script and it will substitute each URL in the bulk test as it is run. In it’s most simple form:

navigate %URL%

Thank you Patrick for your answer!
Actually each of my script might have different steps. And I just find wpt monitor should be able to handle this.

Great. I know there is a way in bulk testing to test a bunch of different scripts as well. Something like:


but I can’t remember the exact syntax off the top of my head (been ages since I actually used it - I usually find it is easier to just automate the API instead)

I’m a little bit frustrated with the try on wpt monitor the test result issue on which hasn’t been resolved, so I decided to get back on the wpt approach.

Does the alternative “Automate API” option you mentioned above mean the test like below just sending everything by URL? If so, still the same question, how can we batch run different test cases like below example.
http://xxxx/runtest.php?url= 1 setEventName findStore navigate setDOMElement id=storeSearch setValue id=storeSearch Shanghai logdata 0 setDOMElement search execAndWait document.querySelector(“button.icon”).click();

I can simply put each of these url formatted test cases into an excel and then use other automation tool to send these request one after another, but I just want to see if there’s a better and easier OOB method available to achieve this.

I don’t think there is a good OOB way to achieve what you are looking for. The built-in bulk support assumes using the same script for different URLs and the API samples pretty much assume the same thing (or a few variations of scripts to be compared to each other). You could use one of the existing samples as a basis to build what you are looking for or you could modify runtest.php to accept scripts in addition to URLs but there’s nothing in place right now that does exactly what you’re looking for.