How would you test the dowloading of a file?

Hello there,

Ok, so I have a PDF file which is about 8 -9 mb in size and I would like to test how long it takes to download it.

If I try and do it through WebPageTest, it times-out. Presumably because it is taking more than a minute to download.

Is there another way I could achieve this? Is there an advanced setting that I am not aware of?

Thanks in advance,


No, it’s not really what WebPagetest was designed to test which is probably why you are seeing issues. You can try an 8-9MB image file and time that if you’d like but file downloads or (probably) even pdf files will probably get aborted because they don’t load in the browser’s renderer.

Ok thanks Patrick! Will try that and let you know how I get on.

Just to come back to you -

I was able to run the test a bit more successfully using images but it seems that WebPageTest times out after 60 seconds of trying to download any one resource - which of course makes perfect sense.

Its ok though, I got what I wanted out of using images to perform the test.

Thanks again!