Ideal sizes for for VMs hosting webpage test

What is the ideal size for a VM hostting a private webpage test along with test instances.
At the most 6000 tests will be run a day.
What are the file retention policies, generally followed. Is there a compile on good practices

For test agents I’m using 32bit Win7 each having 2 vCPUs and 2GB of RAM, and they’re hosted on a 2.3Ghz i7 Mac Mini running VMWare ESXi.

Even though my home connection tops out at 4.7Mbps (when the weather is wet it’s lower), it reproduces consistent results and generally loads pages faster than the Manchester, UK public instance.

Are you planning to host the VMs yourself or on someone else’s DC?

Also, are you talking about the server or the test agents? The server barely uses any CPU (for the most part) and is mostly storage constrained.

How big the storage needs to be depends a LOT on the tests themselves and a ballpark isn’t something you can know without running some tests and seeing how big they are. Different test settings can significantly impact the size of the results (tcpdumps, bodies, video capture, etc).

It also supports several tiers of archival for the results so you can keep older results on a NAS, cloud, or other slower system if you would like (or just set them to delete after X days).

Thanks Patrick for the response. I was talking about the size of the test agents. I am using Azure instances with 4 cores as my test agents. With 2 cores, somehow, the cpu utilization was turning out to be high and it almost always had the "test agent fialed to alunch the browser " error. Now that issue is gone.

About the images. Which folders are the pngs stored and are they stored on the webpagetest host or the test agents?