ideas improving result?
minutes later, can I influence that? or is this just the connection of the isp?

is pretty good, CSS seems to block the JS file which is unblocking. I guess it makes no sense putting the js file in body. but what about CSS blocking.
should I try do rethink of deleting one or two plugins which use css or js?

cdn pics seem to load long for the size. any ideas?

and a single page test
those 3rd party plugins…


CSS is always going to block but you have it as cacheable so I wouldn’t go changing that. The long times for individual items are just because it is doing them all in parallel and it is bandwidth constrained (look at the bandwidth line at the bottom of the waterfall - it is pretty much pegged after it starts going). Only way to really help that would be to reduce the bits being sent.

Outside of the varying first byte times I think it looks pretty good. You can try testing at higher speeds to see if there are other things you can optimize that would help when a user isn’t bandwidth constrained.

just to let others know: I read that sometimes it can help changing the caching in w3 total cache. tested and changed from page caching apc to basic. now it is running good.
also sprites are now set. and I increased TLL on dns. but I don’t think that has that major effect.

Off topic, but I just wanted you to know that since I found out about your site from this thread, I’ve spent several hours watching your various interesting documentaries. :slight_smile:

Keep up the good work!

cool, glad you like it :slight_smile:

That’s a really good result considering all the stuff you have in the front page. Congrats.