impact of queue-size/server-load on results?

Hi Pat,

I’ve some agents which queues spilled over for some days. There were two reasons: Too much jobs and a very high i/o-load on the server so results were written back to wpt-server slowly. In browsers on agents sometimes I saw periods without any action for more than 10 secs (connected through vnc so these observations should be treated with caution…).

Now I have a changed page-loading-behaviour for some jobs running on these agents. The change occurred around the same time the queues spilled over. I am actually investigating whether I observe an effect of meaqsured pages or of my measurement-environment.

I don’t think the queues or i/o-problem on server could have an impact on measurements on the agents. But you definately have a deeper knowledge of the codebase of agent-components: Can you rule out an impact of server i/o-load or queue-size on measurement results?

Regards Nils

No, nothing on the server will impact any of the measurements on the client. It will impact how quickly the clients can process work since it will take longer to fetch a job and post the results but it will not impact the measurements themselves.

That is, as long as the server isn’t also serving as a gateway router or DNS server for the test machines.

Thanks for your quick answer. That’s what I expected.