India Location

Hey Patrick -

About 6 months ago Amazon opened the India/Mumbai region (, yet I don’t see it listed here:

Any chance of an Indian image being created?


AMI’s exist (and have for a while) but I haven’t updated the ini yet:

I’ll take a crack at it tomorrow but it gets a bit complicated with the newer regions - I believe c4.large is the smallest instance size they have.

Ah, that’s good to know.

c4.large is actually fine, in fact I feel it should be the default for all (I feel it gives the most stable performance).

If I edit the ec2_locations.ini file locally, then I’ll still get updates as you roll out new stuff, just not updates to that file, right?

That should be the case. Not sure how much the git pull updates will complain.

I just pushed an update that adds the Mumbai, London, Montreal and Seoul locations, all forced to c4.large. Fingers crossed I didn’t screw something up with the configs.

Awesome, Patrick - thanks so much. You’re a saint :slight_smile: Hope you have some nice holidays coming up!