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Man has always loved the game, because games are hidden in various scenarios the main ways to create beings of existence. As regatta between life and death, every game is a way of initiation through symbolic reconstruction of the great trials of life or a part of it. jocuri cu motociclete
The game was born before man, say the great creators of the world, because it took a game called metaphorically “wedding” that turn into increatul created. Beginnings man called “play” all the rituals that we could put you in touch with the sacred. So they came, the Greeks and the Romans, the great public games dedicated to the tutelary gods of the cities. Even the game of football seems to illustrate a myth suggestive: disputarea globe sun by two rival brothers.
Since antiquity it was discovered that the art looks like the game, any creative image imitating the world. Art does not just change, but building another world through play. In the space of pure ideas, and monopolizing the game instapaneste being. [url= ]cooking games[/url
No matter which of the categories listed in Roger Caillois’ game and people "would fit (games, competitions, mock, vertigo or luck), all human-powered scenarios playful love are forced to follow a pattern. They must be conducted in a set number, to reproduce real life, to associate the notions of totality, the rule and freedom. The game is a whole universe, in which each must, opportunities and risks, to find its place. To make it faster and easier, man has used his entire arsenal of imaginative and emotional.
Psychological Analysis of the game saw a variety transfer of psychic energy, whether it is changing between two players, or to transmit life objects (dolls, kites, trains). [url= ]cooking games[/url.