ipv6 - traffic shaping - DUMMYNET ipfw

Hi Patrick,

we are using webpagetest private instance since many years with no problem.

We have started to enable ipv6 on our websites.
Our private instance has a dual stack ipv4 & ipv6 network.
When testing an ipv6 website, we have noticed that the traffic shaping is not functional.
It seems to be a DUMMYNET ipfw driver problem.

Do you have a workaround ?
While waiting, we have disabled the ipv6 stack on the private instance.

Best regards,


Dummynet is probably just the first of the issues you are going to bump into. The agents only work with IPv4 as well (bug is here: https://github.com/WPO-Foundation/webpagetest/issues/16 ). It shouldn’t be too hard to add IPv6 support, it just hasn’t been tackled yet.