Is 15 sec for first rendering a good timing?

Have made a new website when tested for the render timing, first render happens at 15+ seconds and repeat render happens at 8+ seconds. Please advise me on the health of this website. In case its not good, advise with required changes after visiting the website.

15 seconds is pretty abysmal. A really good start render time is usually under a second or so with 3-5 seconds not being uncommon. Do you have a link to the test result?

Hi Patrick,
Below is the link to the test page… if doesn’t work, you may try

Sorry, by link to the test I meant something like this:

The big red F’s right at the top basically tell you the critical things that you need to fix.

You need to talk to your hosting provider and get persistent connections and gzip enabled for your text resources. If your provider won’t/can’t do it then you need to switch providers.

I also have no idea what is causing it but something on your page is forcing IE to serialize the loading of your javascript. It should be able to load up to 6 of them at a time in parallel and just block on the execution of the script (haven’t seen IE do that since IE7).