Last Painted Hero's impact on SEO

Hi Folks,

Does Last Painted Hero’s time have an impact on SEO / SERP placement?

For instance a 3rd party vendor decreased our LPH time from 16.200s to 1.200s.

We’re running a separate SEO campaign at the same so it is hard to measure impact the vendor’s work had on our SERP position.

Advice appreciated.


Unlikely since it’s not a metric that Google captures. That said, LPH isn’t accurate for that page because it looks like there is an image gallery that rotates the visual content so LPH is marking when the last time the content rotates, not the first graphic.

If you look at the filmstrip, the vendor’s experience is markedly worse:,191111_2S_5177959f4291695d7aef6548d1d28454-l:Vendor

Thanks Patrick,

When I load the filmstrip, the URL loads a blank white page.

I’ve cleared my browser cache and the issue remains.

Occurs in Chrome & Firefox on a Mac.


Hmm - bizarre, I’m seeing the same thing. Wonder if the forum screwed up the URL. Try this one.

Thanks, that worked.

Did you use the test with the faster Last Painted Hero as the Vendor’s filmstrip?


Don’t think it maters. Here it is with all 3 runs from the vendor test.

That shows Vendor1,2,3 complete loading quicker than the original though?