Long First Byte-Unhelpful Hostgator


I am totally desperate! I just spent 3 hours trying to understand why I have f for first time bite F and for cache static pages D :frowning:

This is the page result: http://www.webpagetest.org/result/131031_FQ_YNJ/1/details/

I am on shared hostgator account(on the chat they have refused to help me to clarify the issues for this tool and claimed there is nothing wrong with their server and the tool is giving wrong report)

To tell my Ip is quite hard, when asked them to tell me what is my ip they said me: is your Nameserver 1 IP and is your cPanel

Can somebody please help with this? Please also consider that I am girl and I am very bad in this:-( so please advice the way you try to explain to a kid. I am sorry.

Thank you very much


The bulk of your TTFB came from a really long time to process the www. → plain domain redirect. You should make sure that the redirect is being done inside of your .htaccess and not in the application (or you could test without the www but best to make sure it’s fast anyway).

As far as the caching of static content goes, that’s not a hosting problem - that’s in the application. It looks like everything it is complaining about is outside of your control so I wouldn’t worry about it too much: http://www.webpagetest.org/result/131031_FQ_YNJ/1/performance_optimization/#cache_static_content

Thank you so much for this! I was very sad about it. But how can I make redirect inside of my .htaccess? Do you think this will help?

Thank you very much