mind the gap... !

I’m working on improving this magento site… and I’ve got results showing a delay in rendering where the CPU is at 100%


can anyone explain what causes this, and if/how I can eradicate it?


( debian 64bit, nginx 1.2.3, php 5.3.16 using APC and memcache, percona mysql 5.5 )

Since you see it in Chrome, go into the advanced settings and turn on a timeline capture. It will show you what the browser is doing outside of just the network. Odds are it is something in the javascript that is being really inefficient about how it interacts with the DOM.

I ran into this problem as well, and (with Pat’s help) mapped it to the transform3d instructions in iphone.css (at least on the demo site).

I’m not sure what’s the long term solution, and whether this is a real Chrome bug or not (I saw something similar on Mobitest too: http://mobitest.akamai.com/m/results.cgi?testid=120830_TX_9R&video=0&src=blaze).

In the interim you can just comment out the transform3d actions and see if it goes away.