Missing fields in CSV results

I am using the REST API to retrieve results in csv form. Now, when I get the page_data.csv, the DNS lookup times are missing. Similarly under results.csv the DNS lookup time (#48) is missing. Any way to turn these back on ?

Do you have an example? If you’re looking at Chrome the DNS (and socket connect times) are in a new set of columns at the end because the old schema couldn’t support the fact that the DNS lookups and socket connections can happen disconnected from the actual requests (Chrome has a look-ahead prefetch algorithm to set up connections before they are needed).

Pat, I am indeed looking at Chrome and wanted to know the total time spent in DNS for a page view. I am pasting the header and a row from the csv file:

“Date”,“Time”,“Event Name”,“URL”,“Load Time (ms)”,“Time to First Byte (ms)”,“unused”,“Bytes Out”,“Bytes In”,“DNS Lookups”,“Connections”,“Requests”,“OK Responses”,“Redirects”,“Not Modified”,“Not Found”,“Other Responses”,“Error Code”,“Time to Start Render (ms)”,“Segments Transmitted”,“Segments Retransmitted”,“Packet Loss (out)”,“Activity Time(ms)”,“Descriptor”,“Lab ID”,“Dialer ID”,“Connection Type”,“Cached”,“Event URL”,“Pagetest Build”,“Measurement Type”,“Experimental”,“Doc Complete Time (ms)”,“Event GUID”,“Time to DOM Element (ms)”,“Includes Object Data”,“Cache Score”,“Static CDN Score”,“One CDN Score”,“GZIP Score”,“Cookie Score”,“Keep-Alive Score”,“DOCTYPE Score”,“Minify Score”,“Combine Score”,“Bytes Out (Doc)”,“Bytes In (Doc)”,“DNS Lookups (Doc)”,“Connections (Doc)”,“Requests (Doc)”,“OK Responses (Doc)”,“Redirects (Doc)”,“Not Modified (Doc)”,“Not Found (Doc)”,“Other Responses (Doc)”,“Compression Score”,“Host”,“IP Address”,“ETag Score”,“Flagged Requests”,“Flagged Connections”,“Max Simultaneous Flagged Connections”,“Time to Base Page Complete (ms)”,“Base Page Result”,“Gzip Total Bytes”,“Gzip Savings”,“Minify Total Bytes”,“Minify Savings”,“Image Total Bytes”,“Image Savings”,“Base Page Redirects”,“Optimization Checked”,“AFT (ms)”,“DOM Elements”,“Page Speed Version”

I don’t think there is any useful DNS time information in the page data. In requests.csv there are 2 new columns at the end which will give you the start and end times for DNS lookups (columns 62 and 63): http://sites.google.com/a/webpagetest.org/docs/advanced-features/raw-test-results#request