Mobile locations in Asia / Pacific?

in the current I cannot see any mobile devices in Asia or Pacific.

Are there any?

No. The only physical mobile devices are in Dulles, Virginia. If you want to test a mobile site from another location you can use desktop Chrome and turn on the “Emulate Mobile Device” setting in the Chrome tab and select the device you want to emulate. It uses the same emulation as when you use dev tools locally (plus adds CPU throttling to emulate the physical device).


Can this be done via API/Script?
And if yes, how would I specify in the command which is now like:
“location”,“value”: “Dulles_iPhone5c:iPhone 5c iOS 9.LTE”,

If not: I guess I did not quite understand what you meant by “desktop Chrome and turn on the “Emulate Mobile Device” setting in the Chrome tab”.
How would switching to mobile emulation in my desktop chrome help me to measure the speed with webpagetest?

Sorry, if I could not quite follow your advice!

Yes, everything in the UI can be done through the API.


The full list of mobile device names is here:

As far as through the UI, in the WebPageTest UI there is an “advanced settings” section below the browser dropdown. One of the advanced settings tabs is “Chrome” which has Chrome-specific settings and the mobile emulation settings are in there (just make sure to also select Chrome as the browser in the dropdown)