My First Bytes is too long!

Hi ,

I have a page which not well behave and recently go worst! The first bytes received is after 15seconds!

Any hint/clue about this case? Im using AWS EC2 m4.4xlarge

Not without looking at your server setup I can’t as there are so many possibilities. Obviously your server is misconfigured, and badly.

Personally, I’d go for a c4 rather than m4 instance, but that would make fractions of a second’s difference, not 10’s.

I see it’s written in so I can’t help I’m afraid.

Hi ccyin1110,

Your images are a total of 5mb to download, which is very large. Try saving them to the same size as the area that they are going to be contained within and reducing the quality.
They are also not compressed and as they are jpegs you should save them as progressive (this will mean that they show to the user quickly and then gradually add more information).
And also cache the images, so they do not need to be re-downloaded each time
(FYI scrolling down means you have to download another 1mb!).

Your have a number of javascript and css files that are being pulled down, whilst these are minimised they should also be bundled so that the browser makes less connections to the server. This is called bundling.

I would also move all javascript and css out of the html and into files (bundled as above).

That should make an impact for you.