My Test Result not looking good..

My wordpress site is slow in loading. Ive configure the cloud flare and w3 total cache but its painfully slow, maybe it due to a images? but anything else i should look out for?

here is my results :



Looks like both your server setup and number of resources you’re loading are both slowing things down pretty significantly. If you’re looking to hire someone, I’d love to help.

You’ve put way too much onto a single page. 379 HTTP requests add up to more than 15 MB transferred. The site doesn’t even load in my browser (latest version of Chrome) on a fairly powerful desktop computer. It looks like you’re unnecessarily trying to preload hundreds of images. No amount of plug-ins or CDNs is going to fix this, you need to rethink the structure of the page entirely.

Nice looking site and very nice tables.

Word Press, plug-ins, and a very slow server are the major issues here.

One very good thing is the 8.7x compression reducing the base page transmission to only 23,720 bytes. But a transmission rate of a very dismal 13 KBytes/Sec. is too slow.
The slowest I have seen in the past year or so.

Word Press is taking 6455 ms (Time to First Byte - (initial connection + DNS look up)) to generate the page. This is due to the plug-ins and possibly the theme. This is not unusual for Word Press. Many WP sites take 10+ seconds or render…

I see you must have made some changes as the Time to First Byte (TTFB) had dramatically improved.

I could get the TTFB down to less than 0.300 and get the page to totally render in less than 1 second.

This is a similar problem as the 11-14-2013 post “Start render time slower in repeat view”
This page has 44 visible images. He got his page load down to under 4 seconds.

I made a similar page (without porn) with 48 images each with 8 more slide show images or 432 images total. and and got the to document complete time down to 0.727 sec.

I have written a test for the base page, server to server, taking the broadband connection out of the loop. This is just the HTML, no CSS or JS files. Here are the results:
Base Page Size: 207,168 Bytes
Transmission Speed: 13,251 Bytes/Sec.
Compression: 8.7X
Bytes Transmitted: 23,720 Bytes
HTML Transfer Rate: 115,732 Bytes/Sec.

Resolve Domain Name: 0.124 Sec.
Connect Time: 0.155
Transfer Time: 1.790 Sec.
Generate HTML: 0.345 Sec.
Total Time: 2.290 Sec.
HTML Whitespace: 0.0%

This is slightly better than the WPT result with a 0.550 Sec. TTFB. This is about a good a WP can do. The problem is the plug-ins and maybe the theme. Typical of WP is the JS and CSS are not ordered correctly. The CSS should be above everything in the , right after the title, combined into a single file. This way the page begins rendering much sooner and no rendering re-starts. Notice how the last CSS file in loaded at about 7.4 seconds (request #29). The Browser cannot begin to0 render until the last CSS is loaded.

379 HTTP requests is too many, but that is not the problem. It would be very wise to reduce the number of requests. There are a few different ways to make this reduction.

It’s not how many images but rather when they are loaded. Only the visible images (before any user interaction) should be loaded before rendering is complete. This can be done.

Number of Images: 345
Total size of Images: 15,979,589

The 15 MBytes can be greatly reduced by converting the huge .png images to .jpg . For example “The_Influence.png” is 103,707 bytes and saving it as a jpg at 98% is 41 KByte and at 75% where there is no perceptible difference, it is just 14 KBytes.

You have CSS and HTML errors

On my test page ( ) I have reduced the total HTTP requests to 1. A bit extreme. It was almost as fast when I combined the 48 images in to 6 sprite images. I chose 6 because the Browser’s with typically download 6 files simultaneously. My testing revealed 5 would be better as the 6th was delayed. I put all the CSS in the of the HTML page. If the CSS is cleaned and all unused CSS discarded, it will generally pay off for the first view. I then used MIME code64 to convert the images to a text format and included them in the HTML as well.

The image text format has is draw backs but in this case it worked very well and the page will render in less than 0.500 seconds on a 4G iPhone. 4.4sec. on a 3G Android. Second (cached) views load in about 0.033 seconds. Everything cached.

I also used output buffering flush to speed the first byte out of the server. I always flush right after the or the .

I have used javaScript to pre-load the non-visible images, but found that was not necessary. I instead used a JS mouse over to load the additional slide show images. While pre-loading worked it caused some issue with the post page load which I have since fixed. I did find it necessary to put in a 0.250 sec. delay after the Browser’s On Load event before pre-loading.

A TTFB of 0.200 sec. is possible.

I would concentrate on getting the 3 pics at the top (“above the fold”) and the 4 red tree icons loaded and delay all other requests. Put off the gallery images (must click to see) until after the page has fully loaded.

There is no technical reason for this page not to be fully loaded within 1.00 seconds.