Need some advice : getting there

Over the past several weeks we have been using this forum and to help speed up our website. I have found answer to most questions I had in here, so not needed to post until now.

Our website is driven by Joomla/Virtuemart. We use Incapsula as CDN.

We have a dedicated server.
Server Info:-
PHP Version 5.3.28
Apache Server: 2.2.23 (Unix)
Apache Cpanel: v3.18.0 rev9999
OS: Linux CENTOS 6.6 x86_64 standard
Processors: 8 x Intel Xeon E31230 @3.20GHz (Cache 8192kb)
RAM: 4096MB DDR3

Our initial results were very poor with Fs across the board and 12s load time (
After this we installed Incapsula etc. We also have since changed the website skin, and set about improve our results.

There are Render-Blocking Javascripts. We have removed some completely and moved others to the footer if they can be moved and made other async. There are also some blocking CSS resources that we are still to look at.

Here is the latest results:
Am I correct in thinking that item 2 in the waterfall view ( is causing the delay? As we have been fixing some items just the bootstrap javascript, it has been replaced by another item and the gap we see remains the same.

Do we proceed as we are doing just now in fixing the render-blocking items as we can, or is there something else we should be considering ?

We made a test page to strip it down to see if we could reduce TTFB (first byte reduced from 1.36s to 0.277s)
This test page is a “view source” of the website homepage, including all the Joomla code that is genereted on the server.

Thanks :slight_smile: