Newbee challenge concerning some home speakers

Whats up, I am not sure if I’m in the correct forum thread however I am searching for a number of recommendations in order to help me solve a problem with a wireless speaker? I’m operating my rear speakers cordless by using a 5.8 GHz wireless speaker set. The transmitter typically switches into standby mode when there is no music. However, my AV receiver will send a slight hum when in standby which keeps the transmitter alert. That consequently results in my wireless amps to be on all the time and give off a slight hum through my rear speakers. This hum isn’t present when my audio receiver is working, i.e. active. I’m not really technically informed and for that reason would hope that someone from this message board has some ideas. My own, personal thoughts had been to power down the transmitter in some way while the AV receiver is off, perhaps use a switch for both or have something cut the sound link with the transmitter whenever the surround receiver is off.