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I found WebPageTest as I was searching for a tool which I needed to do latency tests on my web server using SPDY. One thing I would also really like to test is the latency of my network as it gets congested. To do this I would most likely need WebPageTest to supply multiple concurrent requests, sort of like one would with ApacheBench but using SPDY.
Is it possible to do this with WebPageTest?

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WebPagetest itself doesn’t do any load generation. Your best bet would be to apply the concurrent traffic externally and then run the test while it is going on. Another option if you stand up a private instance would be to spin up a bunch of test machines on EC2 for a burst of testing which will generate concurrent traffic (WebPagetest shards tests across the available test machines) but it won’t give you any sort of control over the traffic.

Thanks. So instead of relying on WebPagetest, I could generate traffic with something like like JMeter and use WepPagetest to see if there is difference in using SPDY?

Yes, that would be my recommendation (assuming part of what you are testing is how the server deals with the load).