Newbie needs help, TTFB 30sec +

New to web design.

My time to first byte is over 30 secs long can anyone offer any suggestions.

here is the link to my test results.

Site is -


The 30 seconds is caused by something the CMS is doing to put together your site. We don’t have any visibility from the outside into what your CMS is doing from the outside so other than telling you where to look there might not be much we can do.

30 seconds is exceptionally long for something like a slow database (the usual offender). It feels an awful lot like a timeout for a plugin that is trying to talk to an external service of some kind (and their server is not responding or even there anymore). Particularly since it is so consistent.

First step would be to disable any plugins that you don’t absolutely need (particularly any that aren’t user-visible like spam and security plugins because those are likely to be talking to external services). If it gets faster then turn them back on one at a time until you find the culprit.

If that doesn’t nail it then you’re best off trying something like New Relic if you have the permissions and access needed to install it (i.e. not on shared hosting). If you’re not a developer though you’re probably going to need one to dig into it.

Thanks I will try what you have suggested.