Newbie question: '3xx result' means?

Hello everyone,

Is there a glossary about what the ‘3xx result’ row identifier in the ‘waterfall view’ exactly means?

I can see:

  • rows highlighted with yellow are at least duplicated in this view.
  • the time for those rows is appended with (301)

Is it saying the .css, .gif, and .jpg are being called more than once, or?

Thanks for your help.

Greetings irobert,

This should help you out:

The 3xx results on this testing site usually mean found or not modified; there is already a cached version on your computer.

The 4xx results usually mean not found. These usually indicate errors.

This is at least what I interpreted them as. Anybody feel free to correct me if I am mistaken.

Travis Walters

Yep - 4xx+ are errors, 3xx are highlighted yellow as “warnings” even though they are successful requests because they are “wasted” time (either in a redirect to the real location or a “not modified” for something that should have had a longer expires time on it).