Newbie question - Improving Page Interactive time


I am a newbie to web programming. So please bear with me as I try to understand the test results.

Few questions here:

  1. For the page is interactive time slice, what does the purple indicate?
  2. Seems, post the DOM loading, the high CPU utilization is one of the major reasons for page not being interactive. Am I interpreting this right?
  3. And the biggest reason there being the ad async calls which is taking a while. Anything I can do to improve there?
  4. Certainly seems a few 401s that I should get to the bottom of. Anything else that immediately jumps out?

Thank you for the patience and helping out. Appreciate it.

You need to work on fixing the 301 & 302 errors. Each “redirect”, means more “interactivity” and it also means more cpu usage as it has to go to the redirect.

The best place way to get to the bottom of things is…

*temporarily remove ALL third party resources (make a copy of the site/pages, if you don’t want to do this to the live version & do this step on that copy)
*test again after that’s been done
*work on fixing things that have bad scores (test, fix some stuff & test again, test test test)
*after you get a satisfactory score, re introduce the third party stuff