newbie question please

I get an F on compressed images, an F in Cache Static Content, and X for CDN detected

I signed up for Cloud Fare and I have installed W3 Total Cache

I also have TimThumb on my blog and I am told that CDN’s will not work with TimThumb

Please help with all of the above

Thanks in advance



I answered some of the issues in the other thread (sorry it took a while for your posts to show up, all new users are moderated to help control spam).

CloudFlare is also a CDN and TimThumb should work fine with it. It looks like your CDN issues are with all of the external content loaded on the page:



You have to figure out what modules are using the external content. I wouldn’t even bother focusing on the CDN until the site is optimized and performing as well as it can and THEN look at what the CDN can do to help.

(you might also want to fix the caps lock key :wink: )


You said: “You have to figure out what modules are using the external content.”

Me: This is beyond me at present; where can I find more info on this or better yet what would be the best way to attack this problem?

What’s wrong with my cap lock key? I did that all caps on purpose because when I initially responded my comments were tucked amongst your comments

The easiest way is to turn off all of the modules/plugins (on a test site) and start enabling them one at a time. Some of them may be obvious from the domain names where they are getting called from.