No increase despite new server

Hey Folks.

So far I had my homepages on a normal server. The performance was okay. Now I have rented a dedicated server, which has significantly increased the user friendliness in the frontend as well as in the backend. The pages build up extremely faster and also working in the backend is now really fun… Unfortunately, this increase is not recognized or rewarded by any of the common test tools. The values are the same as before. How can that be?



The main difference you would see in moving WordPress to a more powerful server would be a decrease in the backend processing time (usually seen in the first byte time).

As those tests are hitting a cached version of the website they would be skipping the backend processing time (the time it takes the server to create a WordPress page).

To really test that difference you would have needed to test the load time without page caching turned on in WP Rocket.

If it feels noticeably faster when browsing the site then it’s obviously made a large improvement for you and your users. Most page speed tests only test a single page at a time and not an average session of a user navigating the site, so that’s something to keep in mind.