NodeJs agent hangs frequently immediately after posting results file

Hi there,

I am running iOS devices with the nodejs agents. They have been rock solid for a while. However, recently, I have been noticing that sometimes the agents simply hang immediately after they’ve completed a test run and the results have been uploaded.

Control-c seems to bring up a message stating that the process will exit after the current run is finished - but that never happens - it is waiting for something forever.

So I have all my iOS agents simply stalling forever.

What can I do to debug this? How do I hook up a debugger to the agent process and trace the execution to the wait point?

The last few log lines before where it hangs:

F Aug_11_20:17:10.364 wpt_client.js:194 IncomingMessage. : Got response:
F Aug_11_20:17:10.365 wpt_client.js:590 Client.postResultFile_ : postResultFile: job=140812_39_4B resultFile=present fields=[] callback=function () { [native code] }
D Aug_11_20:17:10.365 multipart.js:92 Multipart.exports.Multipart.addPart : addPart: name=id body=140812_39_4B headers=[“Content-Type: text/plain”]
D Aug_11_20:17:10.366 multipart.js:92 Multipart.exports.Multipart.addPart : addPart: name=location body=YVR_iPhone5S headers=undefined
D Aug_11_20:17:10.366 multipart.js:92 Multipart.exports.Multipart.addPart : addPart: name=pc body=07bf8ed782b14b3a2e8d2bf3a388126b5f6cb300 headers=undefined
D Aug_11_20:17:10.367 multipart.js:92 Multipart.exports.Multipart.addPart : addPart: name=_runNumber body=3 headers=undefined
D Aug_11_20:17:10.367 multipart.js:92 Multipart.exports.Multipart.addPart : addPart: name=cacheWarmed body=0 headers=undefined
D Aug_11_20:17:10.368 multipart.js:115 Multipart.exports.Multipart.addFilePart : addFilePart: name=file size=5196
D Aug_11_20:17:10.369 wpt_client.js:629 Client.postResultFile
: Writing a local copy of
F Aug_11_20:17:10.369 multipart.js:147 Multipart.exports.Multipart.getHeadersAndBody : Multipart: {“Content-Type”:“multipart/form-data; boundary=-----12345correcthorsebatterystaple6789”,“Content-Length”:6013}, content:
Content-Disposition: form-data; name=“id”
Content-Type: text/plain

Content-Disposition: form-data; name=“location”

Content-Disposition: form-data; name=“pc”

Content-Disposition: form-data; name="_runNumber"

Content-Disposition: form-data; name="_cacheWarmed"

Content-Disposition: form-data; name=“file”; filename=“”
Content-Type: application/zip
Content-Length: 5196
Content-Transfer-Encoding: binary

[5196 bytes]
F Aug_11_20:17:10.374 process_utils.js:383 app.getNextTask_ : (agent_main) no next task[/code]

I’d recommend opening a github issue to track it which should get the attention of the main developer on the node agent. I guess the main question I have is if the results uploaded successfully and completed. It can sometimes take a while (but shouldn’t hang forever) since the server has to do a bunch of processing. We might also have to check and make sure there is a timeout on the client side so it doesn’t wait forever in the case of a problem.

I have found the same issue. Is there a github issue created for this ?

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