Not sure if this is a nginx problem, but...

Here’s the link

I’m not seeing any of the usual http2 load patterns at all. I checked with another WPT node, and Patrick’s software is working the same, as usual.

Could this be something to do with the hosting provider, or my nginx configuration? I’m really confused as my setups usually work fine. This is a codeigniter site, which I haven’t supported before.

All suggestions gratefully received.

The ALPN extension needs to be enabled to get the real performance benefits of http2.

Can be tested quickly here:

Thanks for that. I’ve taken the opportunity to also include ngx_pagespeed as I’m having to build from source ( CentOS 7!), but I’m still seeing the same pattern.

Very strange…

I’m getting the same issue here actually. Sites that had the vertical waterfall now have a mix of loading behaviour of http2/1.

As seen here:

I was able to replicate the issue from more than one testing location, and websites on different server configs. Loads as expected in Chrome on desktop.

Perhaps a bug in WPT. Patrick?

Update: The difference I’m seeing appears to be related to the newest Chrome version 59. Works in Firefox ok.

I’m still not sure why http/2 isn’t working as expected on your site even though the protocol is http/2 and alpn is enabled.