Page appears slow


this page loads pretty fast for me locally but says it takes over nine seconds on first load.
mophie 1 | PCNA
azure : - WebPageTest Result

My guess is you have a relatively fast connection. The WebPageTest test you ran was on a 5Mbps connection which is towards the lower end but still a very common actual speed.

There are upwards of 6MB of images including that tiny PCNA logo on the top left which is a whopping 1.5MB.

Not considering anything else, the 6MB of images alone takes ~10 seconds to transfer on a 5Mbps connection under perfect conditions (no time in round trips or slow start).

It looks like even a simple recompression of just the JPEGs with quality level 85 would cut it down to 1.7MB (though even spending just a few minutes on each image should get a lot better than that).

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