page speed issue

trying to figure out why my page load time is so slow and what can I do about it.
Is it a server issue or bad coding.

Any help or opinion will be greatly appreciated
Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi Benbe,

From a comment that Patrick (the WebPageTest Wizard) made yesterday in this post:
How to tell if shared hosting is REALLY hurting page speed???

“Usually when you see a hosting problem, the base HTML has a REALLY long TTFB (light part) - like in the seconds.”

So it does appear to be a hosting problem.

Part of it may also be your location. Your webpagetest location was US / Dulles VA, but your site appears to be in Israel. That’s pretty far.

Switching the location to Italy gives this result:
…which is about 3 seconds better. (But still pretty awful)

Here is the html loading data for my site (which has a medium to light amount of code):
Time to First Byte: 208 ms
Content Download: 33 ms
Bytes In (downloaded): 11.2 KB
Uncompressed Size: 43.8 KB
Bytes Out (uploaded): 1.7 KB
CPU Time: 6 ms

…and here is your site with the Italy connection:
Time to First Byte: 6485 ms
Content Download: 87 ms
Bytes In (downloaded): 26.5 KB
Uncompressed Size: 98.1 KB
Bytes Out (uploaded): 1.7 KB
CPU Time: 6 ms

Your html KB are only twice mine, so it is not the size of your html file. I did not look through your code for errors or roadblocks.

Hope this helps!