Please improve the usability of the new Test History page


Since the visual refresh of that page, I’ve found that it is way less usable to me than the previous version.

  • The search term and period are not reflected in the URL. Two ways this affects me:
    • I can’t bookmark a search anymore.
    • When clicking on a result, pressing the back button will clear the search term and period. Because of this, I’ve learned to always open results in a new tab but from time to time, I’ll forget and this is quite annoying.
  • Type a search term then select a period: The search will not take the search term into account and clear the field. I have to remember to press Enter after typing the term.
  • The Run Date is a more important information than the User Email or API Key used. Yet, the Run date is the last column and invisible in a lot of viewports.
  • I seem to remember that we could see more characters of the tested URL in the previous version (but I’m a bit fuzzy on that). This is important because a lot of the early characters are shared between tests with the same protocol and domain.

Overall, I was a happy user of the previous version of this page and I wouldn’t mind if it returned in its previous form. Happy to provide more details if my explanations or use cases are unclear.


Thanks, @Anthony! Agree with pretty much all of these. I’ll keep you posted.


One more request: We can’t edit labels anymore.