Please tell me my website results

Hello everybody
Can someone help me to find what are the results of my website. I have no idea what it says about my site. My website URL is

i need you help to find out is it good or bad.

In case anyone else wants to look, it looks like thiss is the test run that you did:

I wouldn’t say it’s horrible but there is a LOT of room for improvement. I ran 5 tests here: just to make sure the timing results weren’t an outlier. You can compare your timings to the bulk analysis I have here: At a top-level, a 13 second load time puts your page slower than 75% of the pages that had been tested at the time the data was put together

The start render time should be able to be cut almost in half and there is room for several more seconds for the full page. In rough order of importance:

Combine the CSS and JS files - You have 5 separate css files and 4 js files loading separately at the beginning of the page. Optimally you would combine the code (even if you just do it by server-side includes) to get it down too be one of each with the css loading before the js.

Fix the 404 for tabs.js - It is failing to load and likely breaking functionality you’d expect to be working. This should get fixed when you combine the files together.

Enable gzip compression for your css and js - This will not save a HUGE amount of time but it will help a bit and will also save you on the bandwidth you are serving.

Improve the image compression - It looks like all of the images are going through timthumb.php to get generated. You should edit the code to use a lower quality jpeg compression. You should be able to significantly reduce the size of the images without visually noticing.

Finally, this will be more complicated to do correctly but you need to get reasonably long expires times on most of the objects on your page (particularly the css and js which have none currently). This will make repeat visits significantly faster.