Problem website configured with nginx and iOS > iOS7

Hi there,

I have recently set up my first web server (vbazile(dot)com) which seems to work fine for any device except for iphone OS above iOS7.

The phone would connect 1 time out of 20 to the site, and in that particular case, it wouldn’t load the stylesheet.
Otherwise, I end up with a “connection reset. Server might be busy” safari message.

I tried several nginx conf, investigated about ssl cache, abided by the ATS imposed by IOS9 as well as I could, got A+ on ssllabs, but as of yet, I have failed to understand the origin of the problem.

As WPT is the only place that I have found where I can reproduce the bug, I was wondering whether anyone could give me any pointer to fix that bug ? Has anyone already stumbled on this issue ?

Any help would be most appreciated.

EDIT 17/03/2017: it turns out the problem was linked to SPDY directives in my nginx conf.