Question re latency

Hi Pat

I’m loving the custom network characteristics now available from some locations.

Just a quick question: in the preset modes, the greyed out boxes indicate different latencies. Are these estimates of last mile latency (ditto last mile packet loss)?

Which leads me to real question. Do you happen to know of any stats on shared wifi packet loss. I’m wondering whether we could have a new mode: ‘Wifi over ADSL in a busy cafe’. (Obviously the name could be a bit catchier.) :smiley:



The pre-set configs were based on measurements we had done of residential lines in Virginia a few years ago (and yes, it’s just last-mile latency). There’s a lot more flexibility now for adding more configs (though I don’t have good profiles for a crappy Internet cafe - something lower than dial would be reasonable from some of the ones we saw in India).

I’m actually in the process of posting a release note for the new code (just packaged it up) so that private installs can do the dynamic profiles as well.



“crappy Internet cafe”. That’s catchy enough for me. :slight_smile: