questions about web page test style result

this site is amazing;
i’ve following questions:

  1. how to get the waterfall style result from a java api for a single request?
    such as dns time, connect time; just like firebug network panel has provided or so on? is this part of http or tcp?
  2. is there a open source tool/service that is totally server based and using some brower core engine rather than drive a real brower?


1 - Are our Java API’s xml, REST or some other HTTP-based protocol? If so then it’s a combination of http and tcp but if it’s a proprietary/other protocol then a waterfall doesn’t necessarily make sense (and it’s something custom you’d have to implement). If you log the transactions in the HAR format and make it look like http then you can use har viewer to see them in a waterfall form.

2 - WebDriver is a good option -

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